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Fear Not in Free Agency, Bears Fans

While there do seem to be plenty of level-headed Bears fans posting on message boards and blogs, understanding the Bears’ philosophy to wait out this frantic flurry of overspending for unrestricted free agents (UFA’s). But of course, we see some rants from fans regarding this philosophy, wondering why the Bears didn’t throw megabucks at Michael […]

Bears Lose Two, Kennedy Next?

Yesterday the Bears traded quarterback Brian Griese to Tampa Bay for a low draft pick in 2009. It was also announced yesterday that the Bears have rescinded their offer to free agent Pro Bowl special teamer Brendon Ayanbadejo. The key member of Chicago’s elite special teams units was acquired via trade, in a steal of […]

Epilogue on Moss + Culpepper

Over the weekend, noticing the ESPN piece on Randy Moss’ ridiculous idea that he could “get the band back together” with Daunte Culpepper, I wrote a post that the Bears should consider this. Now please keep in mind, I knew it was a bad idea and would never happen. That although Moss is still in […]

Chicago Bears Free Agency: Day Four

It’s currently day four of Free Agency in the NFL. While some teams have spent money like drunken sailors (no offense), the Chicago Bears look more like an elderly woman giving an offering at church. If those of us “normal” earners can think that spending $36 million on one player is frugal. Of course this […]

Brian Griese an ex-Bear

In a surprising move, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have traded a 2009 draft pick, thought to be a sixth or seventh rounder, to the Chicago Bears for quarterback Brian Griese. It’s not surprising that the Bears offloaded Griese, just surprising that another team decided to trade for him, and assumed a fairly hefty contract to […]

Culpepper + Moss? Think about it..

Prior to the 1998 draft, the Chicago Bears hosted Marshall receiver Randy Moss. It was reported that Moss overslept a meeting, sealing the fate that the Bears would refuse to draft the oft-immature receiver. Although the Bears had perhaps two chances to trade down with teams that possessed two first-round picks (Jacksonville and New England), […]

Briggs in Fold

Wow, in a surprisingly positive development, Saturday night Lance Briggs agreed to a reasonable six-year, $36 million contract to stay in Chicago. What a world we live in, how could I possibly say from the perspective of a middle class American that this is reasonable. But I’m sure readers get my point. Funny, my opinion […]

Bye-Bye Bernie

Bernard Berrian today signed a six year, $42 million contract with gulp, the Minnesota Vikings. Forty two million dollars for Bernard Berrian? Hey, I hate to see him go, but for $42 million, the Vikings can certainly have him. Share