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Urlacher Almost Moved to Will

According to one of my favorite sites,, had the trade of Lance Briggs to San Francisco in 2007 gone through, Brian Urlacher was informed that he would have moved to Briggs’ will (weakside linebacker) position. Then the trade fell through because 2 NFL teams didn’t know that Briggs couldn’t sign a longterm deal after […]

Darren McFadden Chicago Bears

As first reported on the message board, by someone who knows someone who was at Chili’s in Little Rock earlier this week (funny), it is now confirmed that Lovie Smith and other Bears’ brass have met with Arkansas running backs Darren McFadden and Felix Jones. No way do I see McFadden slipping to the […]

Massive Bears Draft Upgrade!

Being facetious, but everything helps. As a result of the Bears-49ers tampering investigation, the 49ers have been stripped of their 5th-round draft pick in this year’s draft, and the 49ers have been ordered to swap third-round picks with the Bears, moving the Bears from the 12th pick to the 7th. It’s not significant, but we’ll […]

Another Slow Week

Wow, what a slow time of the year. Dead. Thus two posts in two weeks from your Chicago Bears “Daily” Blog. Brad Biggs in his Chicago Bears Blog at seems to be trickling in news as fas as anyone these days. Recent posts in his blog include updates on the Bears-49ers tampering investigation, and […]

Chicago Bears Free Agency: Day 15

For a Chicago Bears Daily Blog, I sure have dropped the ball. Since the Bears signed receiver Brandon Lloyd one week ago today, there hasn’t been much action. As mentioned before, during off-season lulls this may be closer to a Chicago Bears Weekly Blog. Yesterday, Brad Biggs of the Sun-Times wrote about this week’s most […]

Brandon Lloyd Newest Bear

Wide receiver Brandon Lloyd signed a one-year deal Friday with the Bears. Lloyd does nothing for me, I actually cringed when I heard the news, but on a one-year deal, there’s no harm. Imagine that Danny Snyder’s Redskins actually coughed up two draft picks and guaranteed millions to Lloyd prior to the 2006 season. And […]

Favre Retired? For Real?

I’ve vacillated quite frequently the last few days on whether to believe that Brett Favre is truly retired from football or not. My first thought was, and actually now remains, I will believe it when I see someone other than a guy wearing #4 lining up behind center in September of 2008. Not August of […]

Reflections on Brett Favre from a Bears fan

Following the 1993 season, I laughed about Brett Favre and the Mike Holmgren-led Green Bay Packers. Favre had thrown for 24 interceptions that season as opposed to 19 touchdowns. Against the Bears at Soldier Field in 1993, Favre had three-count ‘em-three balls of his returned for touchdowns by Bear defenders (two interceptions and a fumble). […]

Book Back

I thought it was a joke when I saw a post by this subject on a Bears message board. Sometimes folks will post “Bears sign Randy Moss!” in an effort to attract attention. It’s the wonderful world of Internet communications, or what one in the “real media” liked to call the “not so brave world […]

Brett Favre to Retire

Wow. Stunning, to this Chicago Bears fan, anyway. Hats off to my sister who “broke” the story to me, as I was sealed in a courtroom preparing for a court case. My sister, Chicago Bears fan, is managing editor of a newspaper in north central Wisconsin of all places, so undoubtedly she and her staff […]