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Chicago Bears Free Agency: Day One

This is most certainly not 2004, when the Chicago Bears had deals in place with Thomas Jones and Jonathan Quinn before the sun rose on the first day of free agency. Not that any of us expected they would have any players signed by now, but it’s nice to dream. Bernard Berrian is long gone, […]

Countdown: 10 Hours to Free Agency

The first boring stretch of the NFL offseason comes to an end at 11 p.m. tonight when the free agent signing period commences. And it usually commences with a flurry of activity just after the clock strikes 11. Remember, the Bears signed Thomas Jones and gulp, Jonathan Quinn before sunrise in 2004. No matter what […]

Mixed Emotions

As we all know by now (I’m obviously not breaking news here) Rex Grossman, Alex Brown, and Dez Clark recently inked short-term extensions. And yesterday, Kyle Orton signed a one-year deal, keeping him with the team through the 2009 season. Brown is extended to 2011, Clark through 2010, Orton to 2009, and Grossman is signed […]

Chicago Bears Receivers

New Chicago Bears Lore article, available on Chicago Bears History, on the history of Chicago Bears Receivers. Most readers will be reviewing this article long after Bernard Berrian’s Chicago Bears fate has been decided. As of this writing, the Bears have just decided not to place the franchise tag on the free agent. Never fear, […]

Cut Loose like a Moose

This post has nothing to do with the release of Muhsin Muhammad. I just wanted to use that headline. I like Steve Rosenbloom’s sarcasm, especially when it soothes the pain of the Bears being bad. Rosenbloom also wonders what the hell Adam Archuleta is still doing on this team. Share

Wacking Day

I was very much otherwise detained today, so I didn’t hear until 9 p.m. that I missed the biggest day of news since the end of the 2007 Chicago Bears season. Alex Brown extended 2 years: That’s good news to me. A year ago right now Brown was mad at being benched for Mark Anderson, […]

Let me Make a 2nd Thing Clear..

A month ago, I wrote a post “let me make one thing perfectly clear,” with my opinion that I am not interested in the Bears pursuing quarterbacks Derrick Anderson or Donovan McNabb. Too many other things to fix. The same thing goes for the receiver position, but I have even stronger opinions on that subject. […]

Latest NFL Cuts

For some unknown reason, yesterday saw a surprising number of cuts around the NFL. Could former Packer and Panther guard Mike Wahle help the Bears? My guys at discuss just that. The cuts also included former Bear Marty Booker, always a solid receiver in Chicago who was shipped to Miami along with a 2005 […]

1985 Chicago Bears Legacy

Wow. I just realized something. With the almighty Patriots’ loss in Super Bowl 42, the 1985 Chicago Bears now retain their higher spot on the pedestal of all-time great NFL teams. I didn’t think that would happen. Around the year 2001, ranked the ’85 Bears as the best team in the history of professional […]

Super Bowl 42-Bears Perspective

Wow, an underdog team finally knocked off a massive favorite in the Super Bowl. Sure it’s happened before, but for every time this happens, the favorite murders the underdog 10 times. I did want to see the Giants win, but I realized something late in the fourth quarter. If the Giants win, I thought, that […]