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Alonzo Spellman Arrested…

…again. Only question is, what the hell is he doing in Tulsa now? Smoking cigarettes and singing outside the projects in Chicago, walking down the road shirtless in January, disrupting a flight, we can see that. But Tulsa? Unfortunate. Share

The Gatorade Shower

When someone invariably interviews New York Giants players about the claim that the 1986 Giants invented the Gatorade Shower, please remember, the 1984 Chicago Bears invented the practice, not the 1986 Giants. When they first started claiming this, I clearly remembered it. On November 25, 1984, the 1984 Chicago Bears clinched the first Bear championship […]

Arizona Republic Article

Doug Haller of the Arizona Republic included a little blurb from me in his article about the Super Bowl in popular culture today, called “Just How Did the Super Bowl get so…Super?” Included in the article: “Da Bears” rolled through the 1985 season with force and bravado seldom seen, even for a league known for […]

Randy Salerno’s Death

Wow, how sad. Today CBS-2 in Chicago announced that personality Randy Salerno died in a snowmobile accident in Wisconsin. I grew up watching him in my young-adult years, and actually appeared with him in front of Soldier Field on a frigid morning just one year ago, as can be seen in the clip below. He […]

Rough Week

It’s been a bad week for the Chicago Bears Blog.  My database crashed repeatedly at my host.  Long and short of it is, all they could do was restore from a backup from January 8th, losing the last two weeks of posts.  And I was particularly proud of a couple things I wrote about the […]

Greg White Chicago Bears

Guess I must have been snoozing in 2005, when Tampa Bay’s Greg White was a Chicago Bear. Apparently the Bears signed him, allocated him to NFL Europe, and he led that league with eight sacks. Now this year, his first as a starter, he’s tearing up Buc opponents with 8.5 sacks and a whopping 7 […]

Let me Make 1 Thing Perfectly Clear

Actually two things. As a huge Chicago Bears fan: 1. I do not want Derrick Anderson. 2. I do not want Donovan McNabb. I get a lot of “hey, how you doing, how about those Bears, boy, at least they’ll be better once they go after Anderson/McNabb.” So, to make my opinion on the subject […]

2007 Chicago Bears

Please post comments on this story by following those links. Here’s my 2007 Chicago Bears article. Make sure to check out for the full page with plenty of background information. Thanks for stopping by so much this year-I’ll be back sometime soon. In January 2007, the Chicago Bears organization and their fans found themselves […]