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That’s Right…We Bad!

That headline is a reference to Stir Crazy, by the way. But very relevant to the 2007 Chicago Bears. We bad. Keep this in mind, when I say an NFL player “sucks” (Adam Archuleta, Fred Miller come to mind), I fully admit this is coming from a guy that didn’t make his high school football […]

In-Game: The War of Attrition

I won’t sit here and blog all night, because I’d rather just watch the game. Or would I? Seriously, before I forget any impressions I wanted to put them out here. I might follow up with some more postgame thoughts, then I am taking a long three day break from being PO’ed about the Chicago […]

Bears at Redskins 2007

Brad Biggs breaks down Bears at Redskins 2007, a rare Thursday night appearance for the Bears. I’ve been frustrated about the 2007 Bears season, no doubt about that. But I’m trying not to be one of those wieners that talks about how great everything is in 2006, then calls for the firing of everyone the […]

More on Blowing Final Chance…

The more I think about it, the more frustrated I get about the loss to the Giants. Granted, I had already written off the 2007 Chicago Bears before December 2nd. But it’s still sinking in that with a logjam of teams at 6-6, the Bears actually would have been in pretty good position, still amazingly […]

Yeah, Right

Cue the dramatic music. Ready? “Bears: We’re not out of this one yet!” Excuse me while I go puke. Share

Offensive Impotence Drives Final Nail

For the first 45 minutes of yesterday’s game, I loved looking at Eli Manning’s befuddled face and thought I was watching the New York Giants melt down once again late in the season. Then late in the third quarter, I watched the Bears snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. I haven’t used that phrase […]