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What I’ll Be Doing Come Playoffs

Tuesday’s post comes late Monday night. I’ll speak a little this week on how the Packer game is our Super Bowl, but I don’t expect that the 2007 Bears will win. I expect they’ll finish the season 5-11. This post is dedicated to a friend of mine. This friend is a lifelong Cubs and Bears […]

That’s a Wrap

They made it fairly entertaining.? Brian Urlacher, God Bless ya (on the football field).? You showed heart. I could say so many more things, some positives, many negatives.? But I’m done. Bears-why don’t I take some time off from following you and giving you my money, and you let me know when you decide to […]

And there was “That Play”

Just after I was cheering Brian Urlacher’s sack and remarkably fired-up game tonight, with the sack, an interception and fumble recovery, “that play” I was dreading happened. Five Bear defenders missed tackles and allowed a 71-yard reception by seventh-year journeyman receiver Robert Ferguson. It was his longest catch of his career, in a season of […]

Bears at Vikings 2007: Halftime

I wasn’t going to do this because I’m sick of it-it’s always the same with this team. But I can’t help myself. – I’m pleasantly shocked, the Bears look inspired and are playing hard, like they have something on the line. I have to give them credit for that. As if they shouldn’t play hard […]

Bears-Vikings: On the Line

I liked how Tom Waddle described tonight’s Bears-Vikings matchup on Fox’s Bears Kickoff Live yesterday morning. “If I were have told you in August that going into tonight’s game, one of these teams would be 7-6, and one would be 5-8, you would have said “no way will the Bears only be 7-6 and no […]

Bears at Vikings 2007

My, how fortunes can change quickly in the NFL.? Unless you’re the Green Bay Packers, who have remained consistently good with only three off years since 1991. The Minnesota Vikings are favored by 9 points over the Chicago Bears for Monday Night’s matchup.? What looked to be an easy win for the Bears at the […]

Captain Neckbeard

Don’t have the time or energy to complain about the Bears’ faults this morning-although there’s plenty to complain about. As can be easily read here every day. David Haugh writes about Kyle Orton today. Let’s just say I agree that Kyle needs a shave. Don’t know if I agree with his positivity-it would be a […]

Chicago Bears Quarterbacks 1979-2007

I wrote this article in 2006 on Bears’ quarterbacks since 1979, and unfortunately have to update it with this year’s frustrating information. Please post your comments on the article! By popular demand, I had to update this article to reflect changes in 2007. I certainly wish we were talking about Rex Grossman having success as […]

It’s Orton-Whoopee

Surprisingly to me, Lovie Smith actually named Kyle Orton the starting quarterback for at least one of the final three 2007 Chicago Bears games. This is absolutely the correct decision, which is absolutely why I expected to hear “Brian Griese is our starting quarterback, we’re not mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, we’re playing to win […]

A Sunday without Bear Football…

…in 2007, was nice, in my opinion. Actually that’s not true. Any Sunday without a Bear game is always hard for me to get through. But this year Bear games give me far more anxiety than pleasure. Happy Monday morning Bears fans. I hope tidbits like these will help you reflect on what is truly […]