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Most Wins in Five Years in the NFL

Root against the Colts tomorrow. I had forgotten about a stat I meant to monitor all season, and luckily just remembered. The 1984-1988 Chicago Bears had held the NFL record for most regular season wins in a five-year period with 63. Last weekend, the Colts tied the Bears’ mark with 12, 12, 14, and 12 […]

Saints at Bears 2007

Why state the obvious and point out how different things were for both of these teams when they met in Chicago less than a year ago? Brad Biggs on Drew Brees, Kyle Orton and the ever present screwed up Bears quarterback situation. Share

Winding Down

Wow, what a season. What a disappointing season, that would have been a HELL of a lot worse were it not for two wins over the Packers. I know the real media will call me just another dope fan for being happy with two wins over Green Bay, but I am. About two more days […]

Merry Christmas Eve…

And a very Merry Christmas eve it is indeed, in the Chicago suburbs. Take a look at Packer fans ripping apart their 12-3 team in the comments of this article. Yes, I’d trade places with them in a heartbeat, but this does warm my soul a little in a frigid football year. Share

Thanks for the X-Mas Gift, Bears

Would you believe every single sportswriter for the Sun-Times and Tribune picked the Packers over the Bears today? What the hell do they know? At least I had faith the whole time. Uh, kidding. If I had time to photoshop me eating crow in any of these photos, believe me I’d do it. Today was […]

More on Packers at Bears 2007

It’s 9 p.m. Saturday night. I’m preparing for a 5 a.m. departure tomorrow morning to see the beloved, who rarely fail to break my heart, host Brett Favre for the 16th time. Favre, of course, has won 14 of those meetings. Should be a good tailgate despite the < 10 degree windchill I’ll be facing […]

I Hate the Green Bay Packers

In September I made a “I Hate the Dallas Cowboys” post, and I receive a lot of hits here from that comment.¬† So I figured this is a fitting week to create my “I Hate the Green Bay Packers” post.¬† But this one will differ significantly from my “I Hate the Dallas Cowboys” post. Packer […]

More Hub Arkush Gems

I’ve posted comments previously from the editor of Pro Football Weekly, Hub Arkush. I always try to take the high road, but I have mentioned that I dislike how Mr. Arkush talks down to the fans, often prefacing comments with “let me explain this for the fans, because they don’t understand.” Tonight on the air […]

Packers at Bears 2007

More on this later this week. Great article from David Haugh today on the mess of a 2007 season. Share

2007 Chicago Bears Pro Bowlers

Here are your 2007 Chicago Bears in the Pro Bowl: Lance Briggs (LB) Tommie Harris (DT) Devin Hester (KR) Brendon Ayanbadejo (ST) I’m pretty shocked that two Bears off this defense made the all-star game. Showing aging and demise, Pro Bowl regulars Olin Kreutz and Brian Urlacher were snubbed. At least Urlacher showed a national […]