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Grossman Starter Again?

Mike Mulligan questions if the Bears have done anything other than get R&R on their bye week in today’s Sun-Times. He also talks about rumors floating around the team. Interestingly, according to Mully, Rex Grossman will be back as the team’s starting quarterback if Brian Griese bombs in another start. If Grossman is pulled, replaced […]

Easy Come, Easy Go

I’m sure Nathan Vasher and Devin Hester would disagree with me on the “easy”. For the record, on Sunday Antonio Cromartie of the Chargers broke Vasher and Hester’s record of longest play in NFL history with a 109-yard missed field goal return. Vasher set it in 2005 and Hester equaled it last season. I figured […]

First to Worst-Get Used to It?

If you are coming to this blog looking for a kool-aid drinking Bear fan that refuses to think or type anything but positives, you’re in the wrong place. I also have to either talk myself off the ledge, or be talked off the ledge fairly frequently. So at the same time I try not to […]

Walter Payton’s Death-Eight Years Today

Thanks to Jason S. for reminding me. I’ve been so busy, I would not have remembered. I hate to embed a YouTube video, as my Chicago Bears History video collection at is better than theirs, but this is a pretty good one. This aired that night before Monday Night Football on ABC: We all […]