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Bears at Seahawks 2007

A couple of interesting sites on the Seahawks. Did you know that in 1976 when Seattle and Tampa entered the league, Tampa went to the AFC West and Seattle joined the NFC West, then the following year Seattle moved to the AFC West and Tampa to the NFC Central? More info on that at the […]

It’s Official, but not a Surprise

As expected, to utilize some Loviespeak, Rex Grossman is our starting quarterback again. I wish I could say “woo hoo,” this is just what we need to rekindle our playoff hopes for 2007! But I can’t. Share

Last Week of Hope in 2007

No links to stories today-just one simple point, Bears fans (stating the obvious, of course). The 2007 Chicago Bears started the 2007 Chicago Bears season 1-2. They lost a respectably played game in San Diego, and there also lost two key members of the defense. Following a questionable win over Kansas City at home, they […]

Rex or Brian? We’ll go from there

Yet another week of debate about the Chicago Bears starting quarterback. According to Lovie Smith, he doesn’t at this point know who the starter will be this Sunday in Seattle. He says they will check on Griese’s health by Wednesday or so, then “go from there.” Smith says “go from there” a lot, if you […]

Great, We Beat the Raiders

My thoughts exactly. As Brad Biggs of the Sun Times says, that win didn’t exactly inspire confidence. The Bears beat the Raiders, one of the league’s worst teams, but indeed it will be for naught if they can’t at least beat a floundering Seahawks team next week. Great connection to Berrian, Rex, but for the […]

1989 Chicago Bears

As I continue to update my season history pages on, I post the new articles here as they’re ready. Here’s my revised 1989 Chicago Bears season story. The full updated 1989 season page will be available this weekend. The Chicago Bears entered the 1989 season on the heels of the most successful previous four […]

Ruben Brown Gone

That was kind of a surprise to me, but the least of the Bears’ worries. On Thursday, the Bears announced that starting guard Ruben Brown was placed on injured reserve with a nagging shoulder injury. In their statement, the Bears announced that they hope Brown will “come back stronger than ever next year.” But he […]

Update from Hub Arkush

Hub Arkush spoke to Mike Murphy on WSCR today about his publications’ article, referenced here earlier, and the interview is available on WSCR’s home page. In the interview, Hub insists that there is a clear byline in 14-point type in his print edition. Hub, you can look at your website. There is no byline on […]

Dallas Cowboys Uniforms

I know, I hate that headline too but I have to try to drive traffic here to increase from the 2.5 daily visits I currently get. While digitizing the 1992 Chicago Bears finale against the Dallas Cowboys, I realized I was finally going to do some Googling to find out why in the hell they […]

Lovie Smith on the Bubble?

I don’t think that’s true, I just needed a headline. According to today’s Chicago Tribune, Bears players are incensed about a report in Pro Football Weekly that the Bears’ 2007 demise is squarely on the shoulders of head coach Lovie Smith. The report in the weekly was published without a byline. OK, my take. If […]