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In today’s Chicago Sun-Times, Brad Biggs writes that Cedric Benson isn’t making nearly as much money as some people think. Well that’s good news. But the problem is, the five year, roughly $28 million contract guaranteed him EIGHTEEN MILLION DOLLARS. For those that are counting, each of his 10 career touchdowns have cost me, the […]

Friday Thoughts

Just time for more one-liners today. Damn, Tony Romo. Thirty-two teams refused to take a chance on this guy from Eastern Illinois at least seven times each. As I’ve said at least five times here, I had certainly heard about him in 2003, as I’m sure many football fans in Illinois had. Seems about the […]

Defining Awful

I should have more on the great Packers-Cowboys matchup later today. I have to admit I am looking forward to watching it. But it’s just like me watching a Packers-Vikings game. I don’t want to see either team win, I’d much rather see a UFO descend on the field and abduct both teams before the […]

Thanks for the Comments on an Awful Season

I’ve had a lot of poignant Bears thoughts over the last week, but no time to post them.? I’ll get there.? And today there is a complete lack of news, so I can’t really even post any interesting links.? Hopefully I’ll have more time later this week to let out some more frustration. I thank […]

The Honey Bears

This is a spot to post comments on my story about Chicago Bears Mascots and the Honey Bears. Feel free to post comments below. I’ve received a lot of e-mails, so here’s the chance for everyone to share some comments with the world. Share

So Long “Ced”

Don’t let the door hit you in the….. Er, ahem, Cedric Benson is officially out for the year with the ankle injury he suffered Sunday.? Benson finishes the season with 674 yards rushing and a 3.4 yard average, far short of the 1700 or so he set as his goal. I’ll miss the guy that […]

“Bears Still Alive”

So much I’ve wanted to say since Thanksgiving Day, but no time. Getting caught up. For today, here are links to the Chicago Tribune story and Chicago Sun Times story on the thrilling overtime victory over the Denver Broncos. I’d love to believe the 2007 Chicago Bears are still alive in the playoff hunt. I’d […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Mike Mulligan says Rex is back in the running. They’re also close to signing a Northwestern linebacker to fill the open spot on special teams. Other than that, as Jeff said in his comment to a previous post, it’s pure crap. Happy Thanksgiving, Bears fans. I’m thankful for the 2006 season, and thankful that I […]

1985 Bears on the Simpsons

This will prove how little I really want to talk about the 2007 Chicago Bears at this time. All I have for today is a funny tidbit from last Sunday’s episode of The Simpsons. For whoever missed it, a young entrepreneur voiced by Jack Black took advantage of the fact that Comic Book Guy treated […]

The Day the 2007 Season Died

Monday morning’s update is coming Sunday night, because I’m not starting my week off thinking about the Bears. I’m actually going to try to forget the Bears entirely for Monday at least. On a day when there were a slew of positives for the Bears: Cedric Benson looking like a running back for two plays, […]