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You’re Welcome, Packer Fans

Well you’re really not welcome, but this is what happens on the Internet. Someone in the Packer crowd had a poster, as shown on national television, listing the 21 Bears quarterbacks that have started for the Bears since Brett Favre took his first snap in 1992. I know damn well the first place to get […]

Thank God for the 2nd Half

This about sums up tonight’s game from my house. In the first half, I almost punched a hole in the wall of the BearsHistory Bar, frustrated by the inept offense and the defense that was burned for over 300 yards in that half alone. After Desmond Clark’s clinching touchdown reception from Brian Griese, I again […]

Chicago Bears Offensive History

I wrote this article tonight for Please visit the site for the full article on the Chicago Bears Offense plus additional information. Through the first four games of the 2007 season, the Chicago Bears offense has been abysmal. As of this writing, the Bears rank 30th overall, 27th in rushing and 32nd in passing. […]

Bears Packers Predictions

The headline is misleading-I am purposely not posting links today because it’s too depressing. Undoubtedly the national media will fully pick the Packers, as will 99% of the Chicago media. I never make predictions myself, which is good, because I am always much more of a realistic/skeptical Chicago fan than a kool-aid drinking nut that […]

Favre Love

Dan Pompei does some gushing about Brett Favre in today’s Tribune. I get tired of this, but actually in my book, he deserves it. Who could possibly say Favre’s resurgence at age 38 isn’t amazing? I really hate the Packers, as I should as a Bear fan. I really hate that Brett Favre plays for […]

More Wednesday One-Liners

Mike Mulligan on Devin Hester-just hold onto the damn ball! Interesting-Mulligan collected the Bears notes yesterday instead of Brad Biggs (although he’s listed as a contributor). Interesting because Biggs asked the question of Lovie Smith on Monday that caused Smith’s minor lather. Any any lather is major lather for Smith. David Haugh’s 10 keys to […]

Another Bad Break

I mean, will it ever end this season? Rookie safety Kevin Payne, forced to start in Detroit due to the triage unit in Lake Forest, is now lost for the season with a broken arm. Not that I’m indicating that the loss of Payne spells doom, but come on, how low in their depth are […]

Yes, Wheels are coming off

I mentioned yesterday that “what goes up must come down”, which always seems to be true for the Chicago Bears. At least this time we were blessed with two great seasons in a row; in the post-Ditka era it’s usually playoffs followed by five years of frustration. What makes it more frustrating, though, is to […]