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NFC Champs to NFC Chumps

That will be my parting headline for the next week or so. This is a Chicago Bears Daily Blog, but as the players fly off to their vacation homes, counting their millions while forgetting they’re the most disappointing team in the NFL, I will merely focus my attention on my other three full-time jobs. It […]

Coming to the End of the Road

The Chicago Bears, the defending NFC Champions, are 3-5. Their offense is miserable, defense is miserable, and Cedric Benson is sick of being criticized. For once, I can’t see that I blame him. He was given the ball 10 times in the first half, only three in the second. But I’m sure that was because […]

It’s the End of the 2007 Season…

…as we knew it. And I don’t feel fine. Don’t know what exactly ails the 2007 team, but the season is over for all intents and purposes.? This club follows up each improbable win against a solid team with a loss to a team they should beat. It’s over and that hurts and sucks, NFC […]

Roy Williams’ Mouth

In 2005, I believe, Lions wide receiver Roy Williams predicted his team would put 40 points on the Bears. They scored 6. In 2006, he guaranteed a Lion win. The Bears swept the Lions. Prior to the teams’ first meeting this year, he said the Bear defense isn’t that good. And he was fairly right […]

NFL of the Early 90′s

A little break from the usual daily news today. I’ve been converting my Bears video collection on VHS to DVD, which of course is a long process of capturing all of the video second-by-second, then creating a DVD and rendering it overnight. After getting all of my collection up to 1989 done (about 100 games […]

Calling Plays

In his article about quarterbacks calling their own plays, David Haugh seems to be catering to the very small percentage of Bear fans that think since Brian Griese called most of the plays on the 97 yard game winning drive, he should just call all his own plays all the time. I give a little […]

Chicago Bears Orange Jerseys

I’ve given my comments on Chicago Bears uniforms many times. My opinion is, I wish they’d wear Navy at home exclusively, wear the navy pants at home once in a great while, and split white/navy and white/white on the road. No more of that wearing white at home crap. This Sunday, the once-a-year pumpkin shirts […]


Wow. 97 yards to go, under two minutes to go, no timeouts, Bears win. HUH? Like Rick Telander, I’m not only happy about the switch to Brian Griese to quarterback, but am also wondering what might have happened had they gone to him prior to the Rams game in December, as the coaches were thinking […]

Chicago Bears Running Backs

In order for this post to make any sense, I have to say right up front the point I’m trying to make. The NFL Draft is a total crap-shoot. It’s very easy to look back in hindsight and say the Bears should have taken Frank Gore or Willie Parker instead of Cedric Benson in 2005, […]

Bears at Eagles 2007

Today’s stories: David Haugh on the possible Super Bowl hangover that contributed to the uninspired play last Sunday. Thursday Bears bits from Vaughn McClure. Darwin Walker, the former Eagle, Bill-to-be and now Bear, takes on his former team for the first time. Donovan McNabb on the Bears. No, I mean he’s just talking about the […]