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No Moral Victories

I thought it was prophetic, the proverbial passing of the torch, as my Cubs fell out of first place in losing to the last-place Pirates on NFL opening day, so I wouldn’t have any distractions in September and October. Then, despite an amazing performance by their defense, the Bears lost 14-3 to the Chargers.? Tommie […]

NFL Captain Patches

I can’t have been the only one wondering last night what the patches were that were worn by Peyton Manning, Drew Brees and others.¬† I figured they were captain’s patches, and they were.¬† This season, every team but one (the Raiders) will be showing this patch on their captain’s uniforms. I agree with Paul Lucas […]

Ladainian Tomlinson Chicago Bear

That’s what we could have been saying on April 21, 2001.? Or my argument is, what’s what we should have been saying. I’m no revisionist, believe me.? The Chicago Bears with General Manager Jerry Angelo have hit on many players in his tenure, and missed on a few.? Like any other team.? And as I […]

Bears Redskins 1996 Score

Today we start a new category of the blog called “Real” media goofs.? Look, I’m not perfect and it’s not my intention to criticize simple mistakes, as we all make them.? Heck, there were a ton of ugly mistakes in the first versions of my book.? I am extremely anal about spelling, grammar, being factually […]

2007 Chicago Bears Uniform

Time for my yearly rant about this.? Through my favorite message board at, I was able to find out what the Bears’ early season plans for uniform combinations are.? And for the third year in a row, I’m disappointed. On Sunday at San Diego, the Chargers will be wearing white, forcing the Bears to […]

ESPN the Magazine Article

Back in July, I was contacted by, and talked to, Andy Kamenetzky and Brian Kamenetzky, two freelance writers from Los Angeles.? The brothers were working on an article with an interesting premise.? Seems that they grew up in St. Louis as huge Cardinal football fans, but were left in the cold in 1988 when that […]

Chicago Bears on Opening Day

Some opening day (recent) history facts.? Neill Armstrong (1979-1981) went 1-3 on opening day.? All three of those games were against Green Bay, twice at home and once at Lambeau.? Mike Ditka started his coaching reign with conseutive losses against Detroit and Atlanta on opening day, then coached his team to the longest opening day […]

Greg Olsen OK

While it’s still unknown if rookie tight end Greg Olsen will be able to play in Sunday’s opener, his knee injury is not serious. The Chicago Tribune’s new NFL writer Dan Pompei talks about what really happened regarding former defensive coordinator Ron Rivera’s departure. Finally, a little backstory concerning the Nike commercial starring Tommie Harris […]