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Wednesday One-Liners

Now that Donovan McNabb is playing his worst, Jay Mariotti wants him on the Bears? Mike Mulligan tries to find explanations for Moose Muhammad’s drop in production. Tank Johnson signs with Dallas the week before their game with the Bears. Good for them. Lovie didn’t say “Rex is our quarterback” when talking about the player’s […]

Chicago Bears Tailgating

Told ya so. In Fred Mitchell’s column, he reports that Chicago was ranked as the 27th best place to tailgate out of 32 cities. So it’s not just me saying repeatedly that the Bears don’t care for their tailgaters. I have recently added a Chicago Bears Tailgating FAQ on, as well as posted a […]

Bear win feels like loss

What?? I’m not hearing the joy about the fact that Rex Grossman didn’t fumble yesterday… Here’s the Tribune’s game story, and the Sun-Times’. Share

Bears White Jerseys at Home

Getting excited for opening day…will be in the lot tailgating 12 hours from now. As my final comment before the Bears hopefully get to 1-1, I just have to say again how disappointed I’ll be to see them wearing their white jerseys at home.? Apparently noone feels as strongly as I do about this, but […]

Chicago Bears Bar

…in my basement, that is.? Thanks to Mike Hines for his great article in Saturday’s issue of the Chicago Tribune RedEye on my Chicago Bears Bar.? I’d love to see the print edition with photos, but apparently the RedEye only offers home delivery on Saturdays, and I question how many people actually get it. Did […]

Jim Miller, Chicago Bears Quarterback

Comcast Sportsnet Chicago is running a promo for its Bears postgame coverage, and flashes player cards and the years they played for Richard Dent (1983-1993, 95), Jerry Azumah (1999-2005) and Jim Miller (1999-2002).? Uh, sorry guys, Jim Miller was signed by the Bears for the final four games of the 1998 season.? So your card […]

Pats Lose 1st Rounder

This isn’t even Bears-related, but today’s quick hit is regarding the Patriots, who have been docked a first-round draft pick next year if they reach the playoffs, in response to the stealing-signals controversy. It does make one wonder what else the Pats have been doing to win so many Super Bowls since 2001.? It’s interesting […]

Grossman Mental Midget?

Another day, another insult on the Bears.? Following last Sunday’s game Charger linebacker Shaun Phillips called Bear running back Cedric Benson “soft”.? Now, former Bear player and defensive coordinator Ron Rivera reportedly called Rex Grossman a “mental midget” to Charger players prior to the game. Despite Bear players’ attempts to downplay this, and Rivera’s attempts […]

Wednesday Bloggings

I don’t get a chance to watch much network television with everything I do: demanding job, family, writing about Henry Burris….? My TV watching is limited mostly to Bears, Cubs, and the Simpsons.? But I’ll admit the one network show I’ve watched consistently since 2000 is Survivor on CBS.? I don’t know why.? Anyway, I […]

Opening Loss Ponderings

Now that’s the way to get the historical facts right, Vaughn McClure.? As McClure explains, the Bears also had an ominous start to a season in 2002, when players like Ted Washington, Phillip Daniels, R.W. McQuarters and Warrick Holdman went down early.? All but Washington did return that season, but the team still finished 4-12. […]