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What goes up must come down

Good thing my wife’s illness prevented me from being in Detroit to see the carnage in person, as I had planned to do. This was actually a hell of a lot closer than I thought it would be-with the entire Bear secondary being out, I expected this to be more like a 34-7 game (with […]

Dukes says Bears will still put ‘em up

I missed posting on Friday.? I had the trip all planned out to Detroit-tickets, hotel, transportation.? Then there was an illness in the family, and I had to scramble to cancel everything at the last minute.? Bummer. I was surprised but pleased to hear Jamie Dukes’ take on the Bears on his Put Up Your […]

A Little Positive-all I can Muster

I’m trying to think of anything I can be positive about at this point. Obviously there are dozens of reasons to fear doom right now. As David Haugh points out, to say there is a positive feeling at Halas Hall wouldn’t be quite true. OK, first let’s run down the list of negatives, just for […]

Bears Injuries Getting Comical

Gulp.? I honestly thought this couldn’t get much worse.? Now I read that we will be missing BOTH Nathan Vasher and Charles Tillman for at least two weeks.? This is while we face the pass-happy Lions and Packers in critical division games the next two weeks. This is getting uglier and uglier every day. Share Rex Grossman Benched

According to Adam Schefter of the NFL Network, Rex Grossman has been benched for Brian Griese. I don’t agree with this, not now.? What better?defense to give Grossman one last shot against than the Detroit Lions?? And remember, no matter what Lovie says tomorrow, this is for good.? Grossman’s not coming back from this. Will […]

Is 1-2 Too Early to Panic?

Is it too early after three games to say that this is “one of those seasons?” And not just “one of those seasons,” but the mother of all of those? It’s not available online for some reason, but in the print version of today’s Chicago Tribune, Vaughn McClure is already reporting that Tommie Harris faces […]

Cowboys NFC Leaders

It pains me to write that headline.? But like it or not, the Bears are not playing like a good football team through the first three games of the 2007 season.? And until the Bears can muster the ability to take the torch back away from the Cowboys, that’s the way it will remain. I […]

Rex Grossman Insider Information

Yeah, I’m just a dope with a website, as the “real” media like to say.? But I do have a few contacts that are around Halas Hall every day.? And what I’m hearing is that in their opinion, it’s not just fan talk that Rex Grossman needs to produce Sunday night or face the first […]

I hate the Dallas Cowboys II

If ever there were a lightning-rod team, it’s the Dallas Cowboys.? I don’t think I know a single person that doesn’t either love them or hate them.? There’s no in-between. I got at least one comment on yesterday’s post from a Cowboy fan.? Thanks for being respectful-I have no hate for Cowboys fans, or Packers […]

I hate the Dallas Cowboys

I hate the Cowboys. I’ve hated the Cowboys since 1979, for reasons I’ll spend some time explaining on Friday, a day I don’t have to leave for work at 4:30 a.m. I relished stunning-in-fashion Bear victories over the Cowboys in 1985 and 1996, and was stung by the 1991 playoff loss in Soldier Field. That […]