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New Bears Nike Commercial

Here’s a link to the new Bears-Chargers Nike commercial, where Ladanian Tomlinson roasts and toasts the Bears’ secondary.? Nice (not).? I do like the Chargers’ new uniforms.? Was that #43 former Bear safety Chris Hudson (1999)?? That’s about how he played. Share

Wednesday Camp Reports

The Sun-Times reports on Hunter Hillenmeyer’s ankle injury.? According to the Tribune, Bears quarterbacks didn’t look too good Wednesday.? Cedric Benson is looking forward to Saturday’s exhibition. Share

Rex Grossman Loafed?

I actually like Grossman’s answer when asked to justify running after Kelvin Hayden at half-speed in the Super Bowl.? “I’m hoping, sooner rather than later, that I don’t have to answer any more 2006 questions, even though I’m pround of that season.”? Agreed. Here’s a Sun-Times Bears Training Camp Digest of Tuesday’s practice. Share

Most Versatile Bear 1977-2007

So to this point, we’ve covered the list of best non-Hall of Fame Guards, Centers, Tight Ends, Punters, Safeties, Defensive Tackles and Middle Linebackers since 1977.? Atop these lists have been Mark Bortz, Jay Hilgenberg, Emery Moorehead, Brad Maynard, Gary Fencik, Steve McMichael and Brian Urlacher. After a brief pause for training camp updates, […]

Monday Bears News

BB on BB. Sun-Times camp notes. Mulligan on the veteran offensive line. David Haugh on Trumane McBride, who is apparently this year’s Ken Mastrole. Wait, McBride will actually make the team. John Mullin scopes out the Bears’ depth. Tribune recap of Fan Night. ?More on our top-ten positional Bears on Tuesday. Share

The Saints Lost?

The Saints lost?? How could this be, as the national media will have us know the Saints are an unstoppable force that will unquestionably rule the conference this year. Yeah, it’s preseason, but you get my point.? I’ll post sarcasm when the Cowboys lose in the preseason too. Share

Cap and Signing Bliss

Just a quick comment today.? I’d like to reflect on how nice it is that the Chicago Bears have the right people in place to manage the salary cap and get all their draft picks into camp on time.? I say this in light of the nasty holdouts currently happening with guys like Brady Quinn […]

Interesting takes on Chris Harris Trade

I’m sorry to see Chris Harris go.? If nothing else he was a valuable backup at safety (see 10 games of the 2006 season).? Chris Harris was traded to Carolina Thursday for an undisclosed pick in the 2008 NFL Draft, reported to be a fifth-rounder. While the Bears official site lauds the player and states […]

Gale Sayers Biography

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Dick Butkus Biography

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