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Bad Rex in Effect

I was a complete Rex Grossman backer in 2006.? The only thing that really, really bothered me was his penchant to drop snaps from center during his bad games.? (If my memory serves me correctly, I don’t remember him having this problem during his good games). So it frustrated me greatly to see Bad Rex […]

Super Bowl 41 Rematch Tonight

It’s just a preseason?game, blah blah.? But “real” 2007 football is inching ever closer. Brad Biggs on Bears-Colts just being a preseason game. Mike Mulligan on 2007 Chicago Bears rookies. Share

2006 Chicago Bears Highlight Film

I collect a ton of Bears videos.? Thankfully, I’ve been able to collect every NFL Films Chicago Bears highlight video from 1982-2005, along with a few from the 70′s, 60′s and 50′s.? So every summer in July I start looking at the TV listings for when it will air. Both the NFL Network and ESPN […]

It’s the end of Camp for 2007

Time flies, sorry for the cliche’, but another edition of Chicago Bears Training Camp is in the books. Links to today’s news: David Haugh on Cedric Benson. Chicago Tribune’s notes on the final night practice of camp.? Apparently the Bears quarterbacks put on an impressive display last night.? Let’s hope it translates to game situations. […]

Big Gun(ner)

An article on defensive lineman Israel Idonije and his unorthodox role as punt team gunner from the Tribune.? Seventh-round pick Aaron Brant apparently was sick of football, and cut.? From the Daily Herald, an epilogue on Monday’s training camp fights. Share

Testy Camp

Links to the Chicago Tribune’s article on the Chicago Bears Training Camp fight and the Sun-Times’ take on the Bears Fight.? Last night, Comcast Sportsnet pimped this as a huge deal, which it wasn’t. Brad Biggs’ confirms that Tillman and Vasher thought what we did, that both cornerbacks wouldn’t get longterm extensions. John Mullin reports […]

Tuesday Quick Hits

Today, David Haugh of the Tribune discusses Ron Turner’s impact on the Bears offense, which I agree has been phenomenal in his two stints as offensive coordinator.? Haugh also states that Clark Shaughnessy unveiled the T-Formation for Chicago’s 1940 73-0 championship game win over the Redskins.? I know this isn’t true, but don’t have the […]

Gould Money

Nice to see the Bears win Saturday night’s game on a late Robbie Gould field goal, even though the game was meaningless.? I didn’t get to see what Chris Leak looked like, although I wanted to.? Thought the first team offense and defense played great. Looking forward to seeing a little more of them on […]

2007 Chicago Bears Football!

Here’s what I’m looking for tonight: No injuries.? I don’t care if the starters don’t play a single series, that would be better than a critical injury in the preseason. Adam Archuleta.? Is he washed up and overrated as the Redskins would claim, or was the problem with Washington, and not the player? Kyle Orton, […]

First Bears Preseason Game Tomorrow…

Mike Mulligan touches on the stale reports that Danieal Manning would move to cornerback.? A story on what you already know, Obafemi Ayanbadejo suspended for using a banned substance.? Apparently if you’re not in the Chicago area and can’t get Saturday’s preseason game, you can visit the Chicago Tribune and watch what this guy has […]