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Lance Briggs Car on E-Bay

Thanks to Steve Peters, that shared this funny information.? Of course, as you’d expect, someone is listing pieces of Lance Briggs’ car on E-Bay.? This is hilarious only for the fact that people list rediculous things on E-Bay all the time, but if you read the listing it’s pretty funny that he speaks of his […]

Final Exhibition News

It’s real easy to second-guess playing time for important players in the final (or any) exhibition game, especially when one of them gets injured.? Today David Haugh does just that.? It’s real easy to do this after an injury, but I also remember the media questioning the team for not playing rookies enough to get […]

Bears Preseason in the Books

I still think it’s BS that Lance Briggs gets to schedule an appointment to see the state police after fleeing the scene of an accident, when you or I would be tracked down and pulled from our residence, but such is life.? According to the Illinois State Police,the case is now closed.? So it’s closed […]

Come on, Lovie

Lovie Smith is supposed to be a soft-spoken, very religious, squarely on the side of law-and-order.? So why bristle at the media for daring to ask why Lance Briggs took off if he had nothing to hide following his Lamborghini wreck? It’s one way or the other, Lovie. Share

Lance Briggs Crash

So the saga of Lance Briggs wrecking his $350,000-plus luxury sports car is over.? In case you missed it, Briggs’ wrecked the car on the Edens expressway after 3 a.m. Monday morning and left the scene.? He was charged with a couple misdemeanors, and that’s it.? Apparently, case closed. The thing I can’t, and won’t […]

Chicago Bears in Trouble

The Chicago Bears PR staff is busy these days.? Sunday, a story was written in the Chicago Tribune, detailing how Tommie Harris rear-ended another vehicle while spitting out his dip, then never made good on the other driver’s deductible.? I can’t quite figure out why the Bears and their lawyer rushed to defend Harris…if I […]

49ers at Bears 2007

Just wanted to try out the camera on my Blackberry Curve last night.? Not bad: Beautiful night for preseason football.? Where will the 49er apologists be after this showing?? (In case you haven’t noticed, a lot of the national prognosticators have put the 49ers, along with the Saints and Cowboys, of course, as locks to […]

Chicago Bears Tailgating

The 2007 season is upon us, and we’re beginning to get the annual questions and comments on Bears tailgating.? Where to go, what to do, what do I mean about the Bears not being tailgate-friendly, etc.? After reading my little information on Chicago Bears Tailgating, please feel free to post any comments you have on […]

Bobby Douglass Cancer

The Tribune’s Fred Mitchell today writes about former Bear quarterback Bobby Douglass’ battle with cancer.? We’ll be keeping him in our prayers. Tommie Harris’ recovery in question?? Or just media sensastionalism? Rick Morrissey on the Bears’ coddling of Rex Grossman. Jim McMahon’s son playing quarterback?? I wonder if he’s as famously surly as his Dad.? […]

Rex Grossman’s Fumbles

HA.? In today’s Sun-Times, they ask youth football quarterbacks and centers to give Rex Grossman advice on handling the snap without fumbling.? Pretty funny. ?I know, that’s not fair at all to equate youth football with the NFL, but still…. Share