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Sun-Times Article

Carol Slezak, the same Sun-Times writer that penned an article deriding Greg Olsen for the rap song he participated in college, gives her take on the hypocracy in cutting Tank Johnson. Share

Updated Bears Team Report

Here’s an updated Bears team report from Brad Biggs via the Sporting News. Share

Toughest Down, One to Go

On July 3, the Bears signed first-round draft choice Greg Olsen to a five-year contract.? Olson is the first pick from the first or second round to sign in the NFL.? Only one Bear draft pick: second-round DE Dan Bazuin, remains to be signed. Share

NFC Champs Rings Don’t Fit All?

I love these stories when they surface.? I always publicly declared that my dream job would have been to work for the Bears.? Sent my resume back in 1994 and kept my three rejection letters (why three?), tried to get my name in as a PR intern in the early part of this decade, etc.? […]

ESPN On Vasher Contract

As I keep saying, right now is a bad time to try to be an NFL blogger.? Not much going on between now and training camp, which is now just 25 days away. I did find this piece from ESPN on Nathan Vasher and his new contract. I’ve started to purchase my 2007 NFL preview […]