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Best Bears Safety, 1977-2007

So we’ve nibbled around the positions with punter, guard, center and defensive tackle covered to this point.? Not much controversy yet.? But safety is getting to one of those positions for which Bear fans have a lot of passion, and I’m sure we’ll spark some disagreement with at least one of these choices. Candidates:? Todd […]

Best Bears Defensive Tackle 1977-2007

One of the more loaded positions in the best Bears positional analysis of the past 30 years is defensive tackle. Candidates: Jim Flanigan (1994-2000); Tommie Harris (2004-2007); Steve McMichael (1981-1993); Alan Page (1978-1981); William Perry (1985-1993); Keith Traylor (2001-2003); Ted Washington (2001-2002); Mike Wells (1998-2000); Chris Zorich (1991-1996) Even during the awful late Ditka/Wannstedt/Jauron years, […]

Top Bears Center 1977-2007

When asked to name the positions the Chicago Bears have consistently defined and dominated over the years, most would think of running back and linebacker.? Overlooked may be the center position.? Somehow, through a lot of years of bad personnel decisions, Chicago has hit on a series of players that have become the top centers […]

Best Chicago Bears Punter 1977-2007

Punter you say?? Boring you in the beginning of these lists?? Hey, we can’t give away all the money positions in the beginning. Besides, don’t underestimate the position.? Dave Wannstedt felt so strongly about the position that he spent a second round pick on Todd Sauerbrun in 1995.? (Great move there).? And more importantly, my […]

Best Chicago Bears Guard 1977-2007

Who is the best offensive guard to have played for the Bears since 1977? Candidates: Kurt Becker (1982-1988, 1990); Mark Bortz (1983-1994); Ruben Brown (2004-2007); Noah Jackson (1975-1983); Jay Leeuwenburg (1992-1995); Todd Perry (1993-1999); Revie Sorey (1975-1982); Tom Thayer (1985-1993); Chris Villarrial (1996-2003) Please keep in mind, all the men mentioned here made my list […]

Coming Up: Bears History Top Lists

I admit it, I may not be much of an original thinker, but I will tell you that I have enjoyed the rash of “lists” features going around, and it has inspired me.? My favorite channel (which I rarely get to watch with a five-year old around) is the NFL Network, and they’ve been running […]

Ready to Roll

I created this Weblog in May 2007, and the vision is for it to be your one-stop shop for every news link on the Bears each day.? Between then and now, I haven’t lived up to the goal I set for the site, and it’s mainly been because news this time of year is so […]

Last Chance for Lance

As reported in the Chicago Tribune, LB Lance Briggs has exactly two hours and 10 minutes from this writing to sign a long-term deal with the Bears.? If he doesn’t, and don’t count on anything happening, he will be bound to play for the franchise amount of $7.2 million for one year, and will not […]

Has the Whole World Gone Mad?

Or just ESPN and NFL Network? With no real news to report (yes there have been plenty of articles about Brian Urlacher’s text messages, and parenting problems with the mother of his son, but those aren’t mentioned here), time for pontificating. This won’t be the last time I complain on this subject, as soon I’ll […]

Nothing…I Mean Nothing…

…to report today.? Sure, yesterday there were articles on Brian Urlacher’s text message ettiquette, but I’m not linking to those here.? This is indeed the slowest time of the year. Share