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Bill Walsh almost coached Bears?

I used to have contempt for legendary 49ers coach Bill Walsh, who passed away Monday morning.? Probably mainly because I thought Mike Ditka had contempt for him.? But Mike Ditka didn’t have contempt for Bill Walsh. Actually, I knew Walsh had been battling leukemia, but didn’t know he was close to dying.? “We” in the […]

Bears Trade for Defensive Tackle

On Sunday, the Bears sent a reported fifth-round pick in the 2008 draft to the Buffalo Bills to acquire defensive tackle Darwin Walker.? Walker had been acquired from Philadelphia, and he had vowed to not report to the Bills until he received a new contract. Here’s the Sun-Times take on the Darwin Walker trade, and […]

Brian Piccolo Biography

Back in 2002, I wrote a?Brian Piccolo biography that is by far my most visited page on the site.? I have received hundreds of e-mails from well-wishers on his subject.? So I’m creating this post in case anyone wants to post comments on this Chicago Bears Legend.? Please click on “leave a response” below. Share

New Mike Ditka Biography

I had a day off work Friday, my “real job”, and instead of enjoying the summer what did I do?? I ripped off four new Chicago Bears Player stories.? See, that’s dedication. First up is a Mike Ditka biography, available now at Please check it out, and don’t forget to come back here to […]

First Day of Camp News

I’m getting excited already.? If Devin Hester on offense is half as good as advertised, this could be the most explosive Bear offense in years.? Of course, that will also depend on Rex Grossman’s play, and the overall health of the unit.? One key injury and it could all go to hell. Today’s camp articles:? […]

Bears Training Camp Opens

We interrupt our top positional countdown to bring you for the first time in months, real Bears news. First, I have posted on my favorite message board a question regarding Mike Mulligan’s contention that the Bears are virtually guaranteed a third-round compensatory draft pick if Lance Briggs walks following the 2007 season.? I don’t […]

Best Bears MLB, 1977-2007

OK, this is the second positional review where I have to point out this is a countdown of the best NON Hall of Famers on the Bears since 1977.? It certainly would be a fun discussion as to whether Brian Urlacher’s play has surpassed Mike Singletary’s entire body of work (I don’t think it has), […]

Way to go Jerry-Briggs in Fold

Today, Jerry Angelo’s bluff worked, as linebacker Lance Briggs signed his one-year franchise tender.? The Bears have committed not to apply the franchise tag to Briggs again. I’d like to say screw him–tag him again next year–but to get him in this year, when the Super Bowl window is as open as it will be, […]

Best Bears Tight End 1977-2007

After talking about a position where the Bears have been loaded with talent over the last 30 years (safety), we switch to one where they haven’t been as successful: tight end.? For more on that story, read my article on Chicago Bears tight ends from 2003.? Of course we can hope that is about to […]

Bears Lock Up Tillman

Awesome.? Today the Bears signed cornerback Charles Tillman to a six-year contract extension.? My feeling is this won’t be the letdown the R.W. McQuarters megadeal was. Share