When it’s Slow…Time to Savor 2006

As the days tick down to training camp, when Bears news is sparse, I will be forced to digress and reminisce about the truly special season 2006 was.? Today is one of those days.

Most of us probably figured, up to our early 30′s and before kids anyway, that Friday nights would always be full of fun and action.? Then reality sinks in, and Friday nights become the only time to catch up on the chaos that is weekly life with children.? So this evening I had some housekeeping to do, and turned on “Championship Chase”, an NFL Films January 2007 release on the Bears’ season.

The film starts out with an in-depth look at Chicago’s September win over the Vikings at the Metrodome, and that was an interesting day for me.

I’m a season ticket holder and it’s an understatement to say I would NEVER miss a Bear game.? My wife gave birth to our beautiful daughter and second child on November 15, 2006, which thankfully for me was a Wednesday.? How we worked that one out I’ll never know :).

Anyway, about two weeks prior to the Bears’ September 24th visit to Minnesota, I found out I needed to be in New York City for work the evening of the 24th.? Obviously I dreaded the fact that I would miss at least part of the game, but thankfully it was a road game.? What I would have done were it a home game, I don’t know at this point.

So the car picked me up about 5 minutes into the first quarter, and I listened to the game on the scratchy radio on the way up, repeatedly trying to be nice about asking the driver not to talk to me.? By the time I got through O’Hare security and found my gate, it was near halftime when I got to the nearest airport bar to check out what I could before boarding my 3 p.m. flight for LaGuardia.

Not being a great flyer, I was determined to put away a few 22oz tall ones before getting on the plane, which I did, and met a few other Bear fans waiting for their flights as well, bummed as I was that they were missing a portion of the action.? I had to leave for the gate just after Rex Grossman threw an interception for a Viking touchdown.? This was his first “Bad Rex” game of the season, mind you, so we had no idea what that would turn into at the time.

So I boarded and strapped in thinking the Bears would lose, but at least with enough beer in me to forget about my uneasiness with flying.? About 20 minutes later, an announcement came over the plane’s speakers that there was a problem with the equipment (the vessel I depended on to live), and if we cared to step off for an hour or so they would get it fixed so we could depart.

Hell yeah, I could see some more of the game, drinking a little more of my fear away.? Strangely, I was feeling good enough that I didn’t even think about getting back on a plane they had just repaired.

Everything worked that day.? I was able to see the great Bears comeback, keyed by Tommie Harris’ strip and Grossman’s game-winning bullet to Rashied Davis.? Then, to further relax me, they brought a different plane to the gate to take me to New York, and I had the pleasure of knowing the Bears won.

Yes, everything worked that day, and everything almost worked throughout 2006 for the Chicago Bears.

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