Tuesday Quick Hits

Today, David Haugh of the Tribune discusses Ron Turner’s impact on the Bears offense, which I agree has been phenomenal in his two stints as offensive coordinator.? Haugh also states that Clark Shaughnessy unveiled the T-Formation for Chicago’s 1940 73-0 championship game win over the Redskins.? I know this isn’t true, but don’t have the time to research and refute this factually at this time.? I know that the T-Formation was around before the Bears were–the Bears did not invent it and certainly didn’t unveil it in the last game of the 1940 season.

But, you know, who am I to refute the expert “real” media who get paid to have their facts straight.? I’m just “some idiot with a website” (two actually), as the “real” media like to call guys like me.

At least it would be nice if they’d say “don’t sell yourself short-you’re a tremendous idiot with a website.”

Also today, Fred Mitchell has a piece on former Chicago Bear Harlon Hill’s health.

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