2008 Chicago Bears Predictions

I’ve been fortunate in that I’ve been able to run Chicago Bears websites to express my creativity and opinions since 2000.  Considering that world-dominating Google has only been around since 1998, that’s a long time.  And I’m mentioning this because never in these nine years have I made predictions about the upcoming Bears’ season.  So here it is, for the first time.

Normally, I would write something like “well, if these good things happen, the Bears could go 12-4; if Mike Brown goes down in week one again, here’s my prediction, etc.”  Not doing that this year.  Based on what I have seen from the Chicago Bears during the 2008 preseason, this is how I feel it will shake out.

Keep in mind, I consider myself one of the biggest Chicago Bears fans that has ever lived, and of course there are a lot of people that can justifiably say that.  I want the Bears to finish 16-0, and until they start losing, I will hope for the playoffs.  So if my outlook is dim, go ahead and say I’m not a true Bears fan if that’s what anyone needs to do.  This is what I feel I want to do for the site this year, and that is to give my honest preseason feelings.

9/7 @ Indianapolis

Win!  Bears pull off a shocker by exploiting Indianapolis’ problems on the offensive line.  Bear offense just competent enough to squeak out a tough win.

9/14 @ Carolina

Loss.  Bears will be the talk of a lot of national shows after upsetting the Colts, but they’re just not good enough to sustain the momentum, even with Steve Smith out at Carolina.

9/21 Bucs

Loss.  I’d like to say it’s my disdain for the Bears wearing whites in their home opener as they have from 2005-2007 that will cause the loss.  But actually, the defense still learning how to tackle under Bob Babich and the offense just not being good enough that will be the culprit.

9/28 Eagles

Another loss, this time on national television.  The Bears offense is just not good enough to match up against teams with true talent and a true scheme.

10/5 @ Detroit

Win.  The Lions and the Bears are similar talent-wise, and I think the Bears will still be farther along than Matt Millen’s club in his 8th season as president and talent guru.

10/12 @ Atlanta

Win.  If only because I think the Falcons will be miserable this year with a rookie quarterback.  But watch out for NIU’s Michael Turner in his first appearance against his hometown team as a starter.

10/19 Minnesota

Win.  Bears figure out how to exploit the weak Tavaris Jackson at quarterback, foiling everyone’s favorite Super Bowl team.

11/2 Detroit

Loss.  The Bears and Lions are too evenly matched for the Bears to sweep the season series.

11/9 Tennessee

Loss.  Tennessee could surprise this year, and I see them on a potential playoff run against the 4-4 Bears.

11/16 @ Green Bay

Win.  I believe the Packers will either be without an injured Aaron Rodgers, or still figuring out how to operate their offense without Brett Favre.  And Lovie Smith has yet to lose at Lambeau as coach of the Bears, so I will hope this streak continues.

11/23 @ St. Louis

Win.  The Rams haven’t shown me anything to make me think they’re better than the Bears.

11/30 @ Minnesota

Loss.  I don’t think the Bears can take two from the Vikings, and the Orton Offense will have difficulty in the dome as they did in 2007.

12/7 Jacksonville

Loss.  I believe the Jaguars will be in a tight AFC South race and will need a win more than the Bears will be able to muster up the ponies to get one.

12/11 New Orleans

Loss.  I do unfortunately think the Bears may be running out of gas by this time, and the Saints may be poised for a playoff run.

12/22 Green Bay

Loss.  Don’t think the Bears can sweep the Packers two years in a row, but who knows?

12/28 Houston

Win.  The Texans seem to be a team on the rise, but I think the Bears will muster the emotion to win their final game, too late to have an impact on a playoff berth.

The Chicago Bears are razor thin on the offensive line, without a lot of talent there or anywhere on offense other than at the tight end position.  I feel the defense can still be formidable, but not while missing the amount of tackles they did in 2007 and the 2008 preseason.

I am a Chicago Bears fan, and hope that I am wrong on a lot of these losses.  I hope the Bears do prove my predictions incorrect.  I was generous in my thinking about opening night, and I think in my heart I’d like to be more generous on games such as the Titans and Jaguars.  But what I see now, generously, is another 7-9 season.

We will see.  I am excited the season is here, no matter what does happen.

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  1. You’re an idiot with your predictions of the Chicago Bears’ 2008 schedule. the Bears offense is incredible and Kyle looks to be on target with a pro bowl appearance. Too bad you can’t take back your brainless picks….the Bears will finish at 12 and 4…YOU CAN QUOTE ME ON THAT!


  2. Omegaman? I would love to see some of your posts before this season started. 12-4? with the Titans, the Packers twice, Minnesota again, the Jaguars, and the Saints all left to be played, you think we will only lose one game? I will quote you on that!

  3. well
    i think your all wrong
    the bears are my favorite team and im a die hard fan
    i think they will finish at 10-6

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