The Honey Bears

This is a spot to post comments on my story about Chicago Bears Mascots and the Honey Bears. Feel free to post comments below. I’ve received a lot of e-mails, so here’s the chance for everyone to share some comments with the world.

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  1. To bad Chicago has such ugly girls that they can’t have cheerlearders like Dallas or some of the other teams. Also to bad G Halas had to die and let his daughter and son in law run the team both are losers and when they croak or sell the team Bear fans can be proud again.

  2. Antoinette Loisi on May 16th, 2008 at 11:48 am

    I was a cheerleader for the bears in 1981, and we were all hot, we were not ugly, well at least our year wasn’t…..yes to bad papa bear had to die, he would have been proud…

    Antoinette Loisi Edmundson

  3. Cheryl Burton of Channel 7 was a HoneyBear and I have to say she’s pretty darn hot!

  4. Antoinette Loisi on December 13th, 2008 at 7:29 pm

    Damn straight we were hot you cant put a price on how we reflected at each game!!!!!

  5. Antoinette Loisi on December 13th, 2008 at 7:31 pm

    the only reason why you think dallas cheerleaders were hot is because they are from texas, as fake as they come, the chicago honey bears were really chicago woman beauty from within and out, we had it all!!!!

  6. Antoinette Loisi on December 13th, 2008 at 7:34 pm

    So you can take dallas and thier cherrleaders, and hang them to dry, they all look the same, no class, no poise and no personality!!!! CHICAGO BEARS WILL WIN THE SUPERBOWL!!!!! Damn straight they will!!!!

  7. Antoinette! wow! It has been a long time since we saw the honeybears!! Did you see the 1981 clip on youtube? Rams vrs Bears.
    Were you on camera?

  8. Great history of the Honey Bears ! (Too bad the Old Man died as his son-in-law is an idiot).
    My buddy, Larry and I used to sit in the front row of the south endzone at Soldier Field (using my girlfriend at-the-time’s father’s seats) and ended up dating two of the Honey Bears! After the games it was down to Division & Rush. Ran into Bob Avellini more than once, as well. Must have been the ’78 or ’79 season. Talk about a mind-blowing experience! The blogger who said that Chicago women were ugly just doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
    Alice, Tina and Elaine were the BEST girls on the verge of womanhood and it makes me think of the good old days in Chicago. We even used to share a bit of ‘warming tonic’ with the security guard on the field in front of our section. Now I have 49er season tickets, and when I hear the fans in San Francisco (moved here in ’83) yearn for the 49er cheerleaders…IF THEY ONLY KNEW! Been there, done that!

  9. I have several pictures of the Honey Bears on my facebook page from October 28, 1984 Bears vs. Vikings at Soldier Field , as anyone who has tried knows , you can’t find many images on the net . I invite you to check out my photo’s , these women are HOT!!!

    John Colletti

  10. Maybe you can help me. Boy, there are so few images of the Honey bears out there. I was reminiscing the other day about when i dated , briefly, a Honey Bear back in the 80′s. I never should have let her get away. Hard living and over 20 years of time have left me with out the memory of her name. She came out to Hollywood with another Honey Bear to be on Star search (TV SHOW) in the dance competition. My friends worked on the show and i met this girl thru them when they stayed at my friends house in Malibu. I seem to think it might have been around 88 to 90? I remember that time as we made out on the hood of my truck overlooking the San Fernando Valley like care-free teen agers!The pickup truck was an 88 which was used on a TV series called Highway Man with Sam Jones as the star. i was the associate producer back then. That show aired around 88-89′ i remember her being blond straight hair, young and very sweet. Oh, they didn’t win the dance competition. But we( or at least I) had some of the best few days i can remember.

    Anyone have a calendar or any images of the Honey Bears from that time? A roster or listing of the girls and the years they were on the squad

    My name is Chris… TV producer back then.

  11. OH, to be clear about the above message i left… I understand the squad was let go in 85, so i assumed she was a cheerleader some time before i met her. She came to hollywood the get to do the star search show and get into acting etc. when i met her.


  12. I saw the 1981 YOUTUBE clip (Honeybears!) Rams vs Bears
    Great Post!! Nice clip!!

  13. I was born in 86 and I think that it is sooo sad that the Honey Bears were disbanded. I think one of the former cheerleaders or someone who has an interest in the “dancing girls” should help bring them back. I for one, would take great pride in being a Honey Bear, so that I could represent for the team, the city and show up all those other teams squads. Just a thought. :)

  14. I want the Honeybears back also!!! I have a group on facebook, one of many, that are trying to get our cheerleaders back! Join our cause! Let’s get our girls back! It’s time to be Superbowl champs with our super pep squad!

  15. I feel ya, ladies. I, myself, am bring the Honey Bears back as a one-woman army as Honey Bear, the superfan. Check out my MySpace, you’ll see what I mean.

    BTW, Antoinette, I’d love some advice! Hit me up, girl!

  16. Any truth to the rumor that the Honeybears or ANY cheerleaders returning to the Chicago Bears? Why on earth are the Bears THE ONLY team without cheerleaders?! Please say they are coming back!

  17. Antoinette Loisi on May 16th, 2009 at 8:58 pm

    I saw the u-tube clip, of course i was cheering that night, i remember as if were yesterday, but that clip i was not on, but on that night i was on camera alot…….seen it back then….

  18. Antoinette Loisi on May 16th, 2009 at 8:59 pm

    because they said we were a distraction…….lol yea right, what wew were was the attraction!!!!!

  19. Chris, you’re looking for Karen Polnazak.

  20. Check out the website somebody has started a petition to get the Honey Bears back. the site has some old photographs as well.

  21. Antoinette Loisi on September 4th, 2009 at 8:00 pm


  22. anyone going to greenbay for the game?

  23. Bring back the Honey Bears in 2010. The team and the fans need them!!!!!

  24. I checked out the site it has a lot of photos, videos, ad history on the Honey Bears. By far the best site I have ever seen.

  25. I too have missed the Honey Bears. The girls were a class act, and didn’t dress like the Dallas Cheerleaders. George Halas was a class act, but his daughter was a stick in the mud prude, and even though she put her husband in charge of running the team, you know who called the shots. It was probably a stick in her craw from the begining but George Halas was a owner that cared about the fans, and always has. All his daughter cares about is the money and power of being a woman in charge, of one of America’s best known legacy’s.

  26. I,Ronald H. Witt, firmly believe that the Bears have not and will not win the Super Bowl again until the Honey Bears return. Coincedence, I think not.

  27. Ronald H. Witt

  28. I have been a producer/director in Hollywood for 30 years (Supervisor on “That’s Incredible”, “Rescue 911″. “Guinness Book of Records”, Director on “Silk Stalkings”, etc) While in Chicago, I was also an NFL Films cameraman covering the Bears. In the mid 70′s I dated a wonderful woman, Clora Ann Williams, a Honey Bear. Anyone know how to find her?”

  29. I have front row season tickets now, so PLEASE bring back the Honey Bears. Now I’ve never wished death on anyone, but I heard that Virginia McCaskey is the only reason that the Honey Bears are no longer with us, if thats true, then I hope she drops dead today. LoL

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